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December 21, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

What causes mybad breath? 

You may have realized in recent months that you have bad breath. It’s ok. Join the club. Truth is we all have some form of bad breath throughout the day.  All it takes is living life which we ALL do. Your day is made up of activities that cause bad breath, starting when you wake up after having spent a night sleeping with your mouth open, to your first (then second) cup of coffee, your cardio session, then the various meals and drinks you had throughout.

Living life, including eating and drinking coffee can cause bad breath.

Is there a treatment forbad breath today?

If you’re looking for a cure to your bad breath, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything on your store’s physical or virtual shelves today. The problem with products available today is that they don’t treat bad breath because they don’t actually remove what’s causing the odor. Bad breath molecules (aka sulfur compounds) are what is causing the bad smell and whether you use a piece of gum, a mint or a strip from products available today, the bad breath molecules will still be there after you’re done with the product. If these products don’t remove the bad breath molecules, no wonder they don’t work…

Mints, gums and strips don't get rid of bad breath, they only mask bad breath.

The wait is finally over. A product that actually works at removingbad breath is coming in Jan 2021.

Why Mouth Off is different: Mouth Off is the only product actually able to get rid of the bad breath molecules causing the unpleasant smell in your breath. Our product does this as you chew our dissolving gum. Once you place a piece of Mouth Off in mouth and start chewing, our formula gets activated, then binds to and cleans away the bad breath molecules so they are no longer there. And you’ll be able to enjoy that clean breath feeling for 4 hours! Plus, our product gets the job done fast; one piece dissolves as you chew, and is gone in under 60 seconds. Preorder now and be the first to get your hands (and mouth) on Mouth Off!

 Mouth Off dissolving gum gets rid of bad breath by removing the cause - bad breath molecules.