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Dissolving Gum. Removes bad breath in under 60 sec.
10 pieces/pack.

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Mouth Off dissolves in your mouth as you chew in under 60 secs to get rid of the odor-causing molecules in your breath. Enjoy clean breath for hours. Plant-based. Sugar-Free. No artificial sweeteners or flavors.



Dissolving gum is a totally  new and different format and experience. It’s not a gum. It’s not a mint. It’s somewhere in between. All you need to do is chew, and it starts to dissolve in your mouth. It’s gone in under 60 seconds. Length on time depends on the person. This means you don’t need to spit it out (so convenient) and it won’t end up as a black dot on the sidewalk (those black dots on the sidewalk are old pieces of gum that didn’t dissolve). 

This also means the chewing experience will be different than other gum products and you should not expect them to be the same.

Since we took out the sugar, the artificial sweeteners (and other artificial ingredients), the plastic, the animal products from our formula, Mouth Off won’t taste or feel the same as other products on the market today. We’re not a candy and we’re OK with that! Who wants to be chewing on ground up beetles (shellac) or plastic anyway?!

We hope you’ll agree with us, that this is the new and improved way!

We do something that regular gums and mints can't: We get rid of bad breath. We do so because as you chew our pRoducts, our formula binds to the bad breath moleculrs (also known as sulfur compounds) that are the cause and source of the odor. Traditional gums and mints only hide those bad breath molecules with a flavor that doesn't last long, leaving you right where you started.

Did you know sugar can actually cause more bad breath? If you are using a gum or mint with sugar in it, it could actually be giving you more bad breath. Yikes!

Right now we only offer peppermint in Dissolving gum, but we also offer Fierce Cinnamon or Refreshing Peppermint Chewing Gum

There are 10 pieces of Mouth Off Dissolving Gum per pack. 

You can subscribe and save for a 30 or 60-day recurring order. See more on our Subscribe and Save program here

The benefits are the same! Our functional ingredient eliminates bad breath molecules in both chewing and dissolving gum formats. The difference is Dissolving Gum is gone in under 60 seconds (dissolves) as you chew while Chewing Gum is for people who want to chew for a little longer since the product does not dissolve and you will need to spit it out. It’s all about personal preference.

Mouth Off works in under seconds. By chewing, our formula will bind to and clean away the bad breath molecules. If you want to keep chewing for longer, feel free to do so.