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Mouth Off Dissolving Gum (2 pack)

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    The first and only dissolving gum able to clean away bad breath molecules. Don’t settle for anything less than clean breath.

    Mouth Off so you can Live  On. And no longer wonder or worry about your breath. Each pack contains 10 pieces.

    Why It Works:

    • Doesn’t just mask sulfur compounds (aka bad breath molecules), it eliminates them. 
    • Patent-pending formula is activated as you chew, then binds to, deactivates and removes bad breath molecules. 
    • Benefits last 4 hours. 
    • Refreshing peppermint flavor. 

    Responsible Formula: 

    • Plastic-free 
    • Plant-based 
    • Sugar-free 
    • No artificial sweeteners 
    • No artificial colors 
    • No artificial flavors 
    • Vegan 
    • No GMOs 

    Environmentally friendly:  

    • Dissolves as you chew, so no need to spit anything out. 
    • Won’t create litter on the sidewalk (gum is considered to be one of the top sources of litter on sidewalks). 

    Easy to use: 

    • Gone in under 60 seconds as you chew – that’s all the time we need to do the job. 
    • Convenient: No need to find a trash can or a piece of paper. 
    • Use whenever you need clean breath, anytime throughout the day: after eater, drinking, working out, stale breath, dry mouth or other bad breath  situations. 
    • 10 pieces per pack. 

    Made in the USA