About Us

Our story begins in 2018 when founder Camille Varlet learned that an ingredient that actually works at getting rid of bad breath had been discovered but hadn’t yet been commercialized.  She jumped on the opportunity to bring this ingredient to market and change hundreds of millions of people’s lives suffering from bad breath and wasting money on products that just don’t work, by creating a dissolving gum as the delivery mechanism for this ingredient. Mouth Off’s innovative and patent-pending format is convenient, easy to carry and ship, and will be able to deliver additional active ingredients and functionality in the future.

Cami, Founder and CEO

Gum Reinvented: We picked gum as our delivery mechanism of choice for active ingredients because it’s a familiar format, portable and discrete in nature, as well as the intrinsic oral care benefits that come from chewing.  But, as we researched how gum is made and ingredients used in today’s products, we thought there was a lot to improve on. Traditional gums contain sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavors, animal product and plastic! 

Plus, gum is considered to be the 2nd source of litter on our streets.  We made our formular plant-based, sugar-free, plastic-free and with no artificial ingredients.  Plus, it dissolves as your chew, which means no need to spit it out.  This is both convenient and means it won’t create litter – and will never get stuck to your shoe.

Mouth Off does more than give a few minutes of superficial freshness; we are the only product to deliver clean breath.  Other products only give you a new flavor to taste, which tricks you into thinking your bad breath is gone.  But once that flavor fades away after a few minutes, you’re still stuck with those bad breath molecules.  Our formula is activated as you chew, and binds to, deactivates and then cleans away the bad breath molecules so they are no longer there.