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August 24, 2021 4 min read 0 Comments


Back to an office setting after over a year of working from home.

With corporate headquarters reopening, and companies asking employees to come back to work, either full time or with a hybrid model, we know many individuals have concerns, questions, maybe even anxiety about returning to an office environment.

Offices are opening back up to employees

This is a big change from the last year and half. We know, acknowledge and thank the companies, individuals and front-line workers who had to show up to their place of work. For others, employers and employees had to quickly shift and adjust to working from home last March, which came with both positives and negatives for individuals and employers.

While some are excited to get out of the house and back to in-person interactions, travel, meetings and work happy hours, some employees have gotten used to working from their personal spaces and really enjoy the quality of life and flexibility this new working situation has given them.  Going back to work can be jarring, filled with anxiety and concerns about safety and health and a new routine.

Getting back into an office routine will require many to go back to having a commute, in person meetings, and to socializing after a year of staying home and only having virtual interactions.  Virus and germ concerns, mask and vaccination requirements, reduced flexibility, plus the big question of what to wear after a year of “business on top” clothing are top of mind. We’ve heard and read many are feeling self-consciousness about being back in person and seeing colleagues face-to-face, whether due to weight gain or other changes experienced during the lockdown.

Commuting in the days of COVID

While we can’t do anything about your daily commute, or do your laundry for you while you’re back in the office, save you bad cooler small talk or improve dress codes (ugh- who wants to have to wear real bottoms again?!), we can and want to help you to feel great about your breath.

Back in the office in person meeting

With Mouth Off, no need to worry about bad breath; you can keep your breath fresh (and clean) throughout the day!  

The new office reality means in-person social interactions.

Being back in an office can means either more mask wearing or in-person physical interactions with colleagues, clients, etc. And that, as a result, means meetings, presentations, coffee chat, brain-storms, interviews, trainings, lunch or coffee breaks… From that mid-morning cup of coffee or the tuna sandwich you had for lunch, each workday is full of events that can give you bad breath.  Whether from smelling your own breath under your face mask or sitting next to a colleague in a meeting post-lunch, bad breath all around stinks!

Coffee break at work can give you bad breath

A quick note about bad breath: In case you didn’t know. Bad breath is a daily reality for many. It’s ok if you think or know you have bad breath. One in three people suffers from bad breath. Whether from food or drink, dry mouth, taking medication, or another oral care condition, bad breath is caused by sulfur compounds (aka bad breath molecules). In order to get rid of your bad breath, you must get rid of the sulfur compounds. And covering them up is not enough, because the smell can come through or will resurface after a few minutes.  

As you go back to work, why get or settle for maybe having bad breath? Products today aren’t able to get rid of bad breath molecules because they only cover them up with a fading short-lived flavor, but once that flavor fades away, the sulfur compounds are still there. So why use a product that doesn’t work and remove the sulfur compounds?!  Bad breath can create lasting impressions with colleagues and clients, so why risk it? 

Mouth Off: A solution for bad breath at work.

Finally, there is a product that gets rid of bad breath, on the go, whenever, wherever in under 60 seconds. Mouth Off is the only product that removes sulfur compounds. Our product is activated as you chew, then will bind to and clean them away. It works in under 60 seconds as you’re chewing.  We do more than just cover up bad breath molecules with a flavor that fades away  after minutes like other products so you can feel confident and be yourself free of bad breath worries.

Mouth Off back to work

Plus, since our products dissolves as you chew in under 60 seconds, there is no need to stress out about where to spit it out or keep chewing, which makes for a better meeting and impression.

Go to the office, nail that meeting, close the important deal or laugh with your coworker worry-free with Mouth Off.

Mouth Off as you walk into the office, after your coffee or lunch, before your meeting, and breathe in and out worry-free.

Our packs of Mouth Off dissolving gum easily fit in your pocket or bag so you can take Mouth Off on the go, or you can keep Mouth Off in your drawer or car. We have one time purchase or a subscribe and save option, where you pick how any packs you want to receive on a recurring basis, and whether you want your order to be shipped every 30 or 60 days.

Back to the Office with Mouth Off at your desk



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