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October 19, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

We’ve all had to adapt, make changes, learn new things these last few months. We’ve stopped shaking hands, started wearing masks… And as a result, a more unpleasant thing has happened - the smell of bad breath seems to follow us EVERYWHERE.  

Mask breath - Do I have bad breath?

While bad breath isn’t something you’ll likely talk about with friends, it’s having a big spotlight moment. To put it in perspective, a recent google search for “mask breath” generated over 400 MILLION results. So it seemed fitting to dive into this a bit more and explain what mask breath is, where it’s coming from, and of course, how to get rid of it! 

“Does my breath always smell this way or is wearing a face mask giving me bad breath?”

Sorry dear, but that smell is what it is with or without a mask. Face masks do not cause bad breath, they’re just finally making you aware of your own breath. When you wear a face mask, you are simply inhaling the air you just exhaled. And that breath likely contains bad breath molecules, thanks to stuff you do every day- like eating and drinking. Think of your mask as a true friend - they tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

“Is it just me?”

You are not alone! This is a WIDESPREAD realization to a common and everyday problem. Recent data shows that almost 60 percent of people are now MORE AWARE of their own bad breath due to COVID-19 and wearing a mask. Let’s all do something about it, for your sake and mine!! ;)

Mask breath stinks. Mouth Off can clean away bad breath so you can wear your mask without smelling your own breath

“I’ve tried  gum or mints, but they don't seem to work - I can still smell my breath when I wear my mask. How come?”

UGH! We’ve had the same frustrating and disappointing experience. The reason gums, mints or breath strips don’t feel like they’re working is because they are only introducing a flavor into your mouth. In a sense, they really aren’t working to clean your mouth or your breath at all. They aren’t actually getting rid of those bad breath molecules, which are still there even after that flavor fades away.  

“What can I do to clean my breath when I don’t have access to my toothbrush?”

We’re so glad you asked! Mouth Off - coming soon -is the only product actually able to get rid of the bad breath molecules so you won’t smell anything under that mask! The clean breath benefits last at least 4 hours. Plus since Mouth Off dissolves as you chew, you won’t need to keep chewing under your mask or take your mask off to spit it out. Say goodbye to mask breath with Mouth Off.